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Pheasant Moon

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Pheasant Moon

Part of the Whistling Copse series of books dealing with aspects of the murder of a gamekeeper in a woods near Bath, Pheasant Moon is a small book that uses the blue-and-white of porcelain to suggest links between art, food and property. The pheasant and moon are both romantically treated here but, in the context of the project, are also part of the milieu in which the murder took place.

The decoration of artworks which celebrate hunting, game and property contrasts with the reality of poaching, which transgresses the boundaries of that property.

Pheasant Moon is a sort of visual haiku about poaching that elliptically includes many elements of the overlapping worlds of hunting, poaching, property, and art.


Click on the thumbnails to scroll to that part of the book. Twelve O’ Clock Wood was originally a concertina book and was conceived as one continuous image.

Another version of this gallery is available here.


homeportfolio→pheasant moon